Online Ghee Boli Important Note

• Online Ghee Boli will continue until 6 pm 1/7/2024 Los Angeles time. A 3 minute rule will apply. This 3 minute trigger will continue until 3 minutes elapsed without any further competing bid and a winning bid is achieved. 


• Final Aadesh for Anjan Ghutvanu, Anjan Vahoravanu, First Darshan after Anjan and Nirvan Kalyanak na 108 Abhishek, will be announced on 2/21/2024. This will be in-person boli. The in-person Boli will resume from the last Boli amount received from Online Ghee Boli for the above mentioned four Labhs. 
• Each time you submit an Online Ghee Boli bid for any Labh, you should get an email from JTLA with all the relevant details. Please verify and make sure that all the details in the email are correct. 
• JTLA reserves the full right to void/cancel any Ghee Boli bid submitted online for one or more valid reasons, like technical issues or if JTLA can not verify the bidder. If JTLA cancels/voids any online Ghee Boli bid for any reason, then the Ghee Boli amount for that Labh will be reset to the previous highest Online Ghee Boli amount. 
• If you get the Labh and for any reasons you can not be present during Anjanshalaka, you can delegate the Labh to someone on your behalf. 
 Thank you for your support 🙏
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